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This domain name is for sale.
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As you will see within, I have retired. So if you are the Jesmond District Library or James Dean Literature, or Jimmy Durante Lovers … and would like to make an offer for the domain, please email

My book site will not be disappearing however, so if you found yourself here while looking for book support, go to

JDL is a trading name of John Deacon. I provided IT and security services.

I specialized in training and consulting in object-oriented and distributed technologies for over 25 years with an aim of:

  • successfully mastering and adopting object technology;
  • mastering software engineering methods, notations and CASE tools such that they serve a project, rather than intrude upon or end up dominating a project;
  • choosing an implementation language and infrastructure -- my usual list of candidates being Java, Smalltalk, C++ and CORBA;
  • understanding and working with the strengths, weaknesses and dangers of the chosen technologies;
  • solidly establishing the considerations, techniques and forces that drive object design;
  • establishing the distribution strategy (including the possibility of no distribution at all);
  • achieving location, language and operating system transparency with Enterprise Java (J2EE), CORBA or CORBA/DCOM bridging, as appropriate;
  • establishing the strategy and tactics for achieving any required object persistence.

I worked with all manner of systems. Much of my work was with the high-energy physics, astronomy and Grid computing communities.

I was one of the founders of Matrice (formerly Lattice Limited), through which we delivered training for businesses.

Apart from occasional consulting, I have now retired.

Information about matters other than training and mentoring, including books (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design), book support and resources (such as a UML guide), is over at


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