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The advice I offer is usually in the area of making object and distribution technologies work. This can cover the selection of the right process, method, tool or language; it can cover project planning and control; it can cover analysis, design and programming techniques; it can cover standards and style guides; and it can cover quality assurance.

Even after quite some time (20 years of C++ and more than 20 years of Smalltalk) object technology is still fairly new for many organizations. Even less well established than the languages are object-oriented methods, and distribution and persistence techniques. There is a lot to adopt and stay in control of. It is all too easy with one or two innocuous mistakes to throw away much of the power and benefit of modern software development techniques.

I have helped many organizations to successfully adopt object technology.

I can work at your site, or "teleconsult"; or use a mixture as appropriate.

Interaction can, for example, be via investigation and report, mentoring, meeting and workshop facilitation and moderation, or a mixture of course.

Depending on your location, it might be possible to start with as little as a couple of hours advice.

If you might prefer a different style of delivery, take a look at the possibility of mentoring


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