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The emphasis in my courses is on getting under the skin of a technology or a method -- understanding just how it works; what its strengths are and what its weaknesses are; and using it in a truly effective way. The technologies of the moment include:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Enterprise Java (J2EE)
  • C#

The essential techniques of the moment include:

  • Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Generic Programming
  • CRC (Class Responsibility Collaboration)
  • Design Patterns

The next big thing is a new version of C++, due out next year. This is currently known as C++0x but, if it does make it into our development environments next year, will presumably be known as C++11. This is a major revision of the language with many, many new feature – some of them genuinely exciting. Naturally, I will be happy to supply introductory training or advanced training, or a briefing.

The method of the moment is ... Well unfortunately there isn't one. There is a notation though; one which has become a standard:

The main Object-oriented Analysis and Design course does propose an agile and iterative method (and uses the UML of course).

Course descriptions are available for the most popular courses.

Perhaps of interest to those of you who have already attended courses of mine will be some of the support pages on the companion/support web site of the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design book I eventually wrote. There you will find:

Top "10" rules of thumb (and top 25 and top 150)
A humourous extension to the CMM
Sample chapters
An on-line version of the UML appendix from the book

Also a support page for a book-in-progress:

C++ Traps and Pitfalls


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